Penmanship Editing is a freelance editing business that started in February 2017 and is based in Wiltshire, England. As a business, my main goal is to help as many writers as possible become authors. With current trends constantly changing, but standards remaining as high as ever, you are probably wondering how to get your novel to stand out among the crowd. The answer? Balance the traditional with the new and original. Whether that be using an old-fashioned story, with a unique storytelling technique, or writing a common book with an unusual plot twist, I aim to bring out the distinctive qualities within each manuscript.


It is these original qualities that make stories become legends. Every writer has an individual style, whether they have found it yet or not. My personal goal is to maintain and enhance that individual style. Not only making your manuscript technically accurate, but balancing that grammar with style and finesse. Do you want a unique novel, that not only has your name on it, but sounds like you have written it? Then story development and writing style are imperative, and that's where I come in. I'm an experienced development editor, with great proofreading abilities, and a passion for beautiful stories.

The Editor

Eanna Roberts
(aka Freida Kilmari)

Founder & Editor

With seven years experience in editing and critiquing, mixed with a technical honours degree, I have the knowledge and skills to help make your manuscript a masterpiece. I have been praised for my ability to balance grammar and style, as well as giving positive, constructive feedback. As an editor, I specialise in Children's Literature, Young Adult Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Romance, Poetry, and Short Stories; however, I'm happy to consider any genre.


I welcome any type of writer to use my services, whether already published or new to the scene, and cannot wait to meet you and your characters. 


Half Price Editing!

Considering NaNoWriMo this year, but don't know what to do with your book afterwards? Well, why not publish it? I'm offering half price editing for anyone who has written a novel throughout the duration of November. To be considered for this deal, I need to see a screenshot of your progress, as recorded by the NaNoWriMo website, and a sample of your writing. Due to high demand, please book well in advance for this deal. This is now available permanently!


Name: Eanna Roberts
Telephone: 07895018885
E-mail Address: eanna@penmanshipediting.com
Location: Trowbridge, England, United Kingdom

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