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"Having Eanna along this journey with me has only made me feel more confident, excited and humbled. She's precise, personable, time efficient and has turned my drafted manuscript into the story I'd always dreamt it would be. Needn't I mention her affordable pricing for such high quality in return. Not only have I found my editor, but a likeminded writing friend, too. I will definitely be working with her again on my next project!" - Bree Lenehan


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"Eanna was recommended to me by another editor. I'm a romance author, branching out into the world of science fiction, and was looking for an editor who understood the craft of science fiction. It was difficult for me to step outside my comfort zone, but Eanna came highly recommended and I took a leap of faith. She has edited all seven novellas of my serialized science fiction story, and it has been smooth sailing from day one. She's phenomenal, y'all. Like, truly wonderful. I'm a little hesitant to sing her praises, because I kind of want to keep her as my little secret. But, an editor of this caliber deserves to have her efforts praised. I really can't keep her all to myself, even though I want to." - L.A. Warren


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Traditionally Published
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"Without Eanna, my bucket list dream of publishing a book would have never come true. I highly recommend Eanna to anybody who loves to write. She is fantastic at what she does, excellent at explaining everything and really becomes apart of your writing journey. I will be using her for every book I write and can not thank her enough. I have learnt so much about writing from her." - Natalie Hughes


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"Over the years I always had a difficult relationship with my editors: either they weren’t there when I needed them or they were unprofessional or overreaching. I have a particular way of writing and it’s not the easiest to understand or edit. I found Eanna to be extremely professional and able, very organized, unwilling to compromise the quality of her work but willing to invest in understanding my style and my way of doing things. It’s been a treat working with her and the best editing experience I had in 25 years. Thank you, Eanna!" - Bruno Martin Soares


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"This was the first time I have worked with an editor and I was nervous about the process. Eanna was very professional and made it all straightforward and painless. I liked how she improved my writing whilst still respecting my writing style, and I learned a lot from looking at what she did. I will definitely be using her services for my next books. I highly recommend her." - Paul Francis


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"Because of Eanna, I am able to present The Little Book of Embarrassing Stories to my readers with confidence. She is thorough, professional and stuck to our agreed timeframe. I would definitely recommend her to other writers and will use her editing services again for my future books." - Cassie Jade

Name: Eanna Roberts
Telephone: 07895018885
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Location: Trowbridge, England, United Kingdom

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