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Below is a list of my services, their prices per word in British Pounds, and what each type of edit entails. If you click in each box, it will bring up an example of a published piece of work that has used that particular editing service of mine. 

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Copyediting (0.007p/word) is a check for accuracy and consistency in both content and writing. It makes sure your writing is accurate, fit-for-purpose, and free from error. It also alerts the writer to any potential legal problems, as well as analysing the structure for publication. This last part can only be done if the writer lets me know where they are publishing, or passes me a copy of the formatting requirements. 


Line Editing (0.008p/word) is a line-by-line edit that works with sentence variation and flow, tense consistency, word choice, and overall style. It works with the writer's original style and helps push it in the right direction, develop weaker areas, and make sure your style is used to your best advantage.

Proofreading (0.006p/word) is a technique that marks out any errors so the writer can see them. Occasionally, it may suggest ways of changing a mistake if the error is substantial enough to do so. This is part of the final stage in any editing process and is used to polish a manuscript prior to publishing. A manuscript should have undergone copyediting, line editing, development editing, and typesetting prior to this. It should arrive to the editor in a state ready to be published, including layout, design, images, and  fully edited.

Manuscript Evaluations (0.008p/word) are a vital part of the publishing process. Whether you're looking to self-publish or go the traditional route, an evaluation can help you tailor your book to the current market. It's purpose is to point out weak spots in the story and assess them for commercial value. This requires extensive knowledge of the genre and it's current standing in the literary world, and it's for this reason that I only work on manuscripts in the following genres for this type of service: Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Children's Literature, Horror,  New Adult Literature, and Poetry. 


Short Story Editing (£100 for 5-10 thousand words)
This service includes a deep edit, as well as a three to five page report, and detailed comments throughout. With an emphasis on shorter story development methods, this package is tailored to your short-story needs. Whether you want a professional proofread before submitting to a contest, or are publishing to a magazine, I will be happy to help. This package is available for short stories 10,000 words and under. The price for this service is £100 per story, but for collections, please get in touch using the pricing quote form here


Manuscript Mentoring (£200 per book)

I will help you plan, outline, develop, and structure your project. This will include 5x2-hour Skype sessions, two rounds of editing your planning material, plus, I will help you create any material I think you are missing. This also includes a free manuscript evaluation after it's been written. This will help you flesh out an idea and help you build your work for maximum sales impact. 


Light Development Editing (0.01p/word) 

focuses on making sure the development of each and every scene is up to scratch. This focuses on line-level show-and-tell, balancing each narrative function, ensuring a solid beginning, middle, and end, and pointing out plot holes and/or lulls in scenes. This is done by heavily commenting on the manuscript.

Full Development Editing (0.015p/word) focuses on story development, as it helps to build your work into publishable story quality. This focuses on everything from character development to dialogue development, and settings and place. This is given as comments throughout the manuscript and as a report that helps improve your writing and storytelling skills. It will give you reading material suggestions that will develop your weaker areas, as well as give many possible solutions to problems I may have noticed in the manuscript itself. An unlimited number of Skype calls are available in two-hour slots throughout this two-three round process. 


Poetry Editing (£10 a piece for collections)

Are you a poet? Great, so am I, and I would love to read yours. This editorial service aims to develop your poetry into a professional and stylistic piece. The editing service for this will focus on the use of punctuation as reading guidelines, as well as ensuring your poem is stylistic and unique. A report will be given, detailing 

everything that went well and everything that could be improved upon, including suggestions for larger changes and links to reading material to improve your creative writing. All in-text suggestions will be made to the poem itself. The editing focuses on form, structure, rhythm, market targeting, overall collective structure, poetic techniques to enhance your creativity and professionalism, and generally helping you grow as a poet.


Not sure what you need? I am happy to give a free recommendation based off your first two chapters. If you would like to make use of this professional recommendation, please fill out the project questionnaire below. I will get back to you requesting a sample.

I can take on short stories and poetry at any time, as well as other smaller projects.

I understand that choosing the right editor for you is an important decision. So, if you are still undecided, I would be happy to give a free sample. This sample will use my Platinum Package. To make use of this, please fill out the project form below. I will get back to you requesting a sample.

Note: please fill out ALL sections and be as detailed as possible. Please include your experience, whether this is your first manuscript, your aims for publication (self/traditional), your estimated timeframe, what you expect from an editor, the strengths and weaknesses of the project, and any other details I might need to know. The more I know about you and your project, the better tailored I can make my advice. 


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