Top 3 Favourite Settings

Do you ever read a book's blurb and see that one thing about the story that ticks your "I will devour your every word" box? Me too! Besides from story tropes and ideas that I love, like paranormal romance, unique magic systems, and Gandalf-like wizards, there's one thing I fall victim to every time: setting. If you have your book in the right setting, I will fall into your world every time. 


Magic School

Harry Potter . . . oh bless JK Rowling for providing me with my love for this particular setting. This gets me every time, no matter the genre, character, story, or anything else. If it has some form of magic school or training centre, I'm there! School provides a unique environment that you just cannot get from any other setting. You have friendships, romance, drama, crazy teachers, mentorship, and the logical and science behind the magic. This is everything I love about YA Fantasy, so it's no wonder I love magic schools. 



Small Towns

This one is a little less fantasy-related, but it makes for the cutest/scariest stories out there. Got a sweet romance, recovering from emotional trauma, need a spooky building, or have weird ghost story? Place it in a small town and you're good to go! It provides that unique type of background you're just not going to get in a city: friendly neighbours, smaller town map, picturesque description, cute houses . . . the list can go on and on. I think this makes for a perfect backdrop to high-sensual stories, like emotional trauma, horror, romance etc. 



Other Worlds and Planets
This was probably a given, and those that know me would be shocked if I didn't have this here. So, here it is! Other worlds and planets, basically, SF/F. There's nothing more escaping that a story set somewhere out of the real world, and it's the best part of stories like Game of Thrones, Chronicles of Ixia, and Ender's Game, whose worlds we devour because of the detail that goes into developing them. It's the added the detail, like the way the water system works in a medieval-style world, the way the clothes are dyed if magic is your main system of energy etc. You really feel like you're part of a dream, and the story comes alive in your mind's eye. 



Those are my favourites, for better or for worse. So, if you have anything you'd like reviewed, edited, or proofread within those settings, send them my way. Let me know what your favourite settings are in the comments!






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